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Discover tailored care at transparent prices with K9 Leash Crew. We believe in providing exceptional service designed to meet your dog's unique needs. Our straightforward pricing ensures clarity and peace of mind, allowing you to choose the perfect care package for your furry companion. From specialized Training Walks to Freedom Walks and convenient Check-Ins, we offer a range of options to suit your lifestyle. Explore our pricing plans, including flexible time blocks for hassle-free booking. Prioritize your dog's well-being with K9 Leash Crew – where excellence meets affordability!

All services require a $10 meet & greet prior to sign up



Long Training Walks

Improve your dog's behavior with our Hour-Long Training Walks. We address leash problems and reactivity straightforwardly. 

$54 + gst
$19 per Additional Pets


Long Freedom Walks

Utlizing long line's your pup will get out for a good sniff, some adventure & fun for an hour with our leash crew. We ensure your pup burns some energy. 

$49 + gst
$19 per Additional Pets



Short Training Walks

Boost your dog's behavior with our 30-Minute Training Walks. Targeting leash problems and reactivity.

$44 + gst
$14 per Additional Pet


Short Freedom Walks

Enjoy quick joy with our 30-Minute Freedom Walks.  These short bursts of exploration let your pup sniff and stretch, ensuring a delightful experience.

$39 + gst
$14 per Additional Pet



Check In/Let Out Service

Stay worry-free with our 20 minute Check-In Service. Whether it's a potty break, medication, or quality time in the yard, we've got it covered. We ensure your pup is happy, safe, and well-cared for when you can't be there.

$20 + gst 

$5 for Additional Pets

K9 Leash Crew

Phone number       (587)986-3189


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Servicing Edmonton, Sylvan lake & surrounding areas

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