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Meet & Greets

Meeting you where you are! 

The Meet & Greet protocol is designed to create a positive and professional first impression, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and confident in choosing K9 Leash Crew for their pet care needs.


Our Process

1. Scheduling the Meet & Greet:

  • Upon receiving a new client inquiry, the office manager will schedule a Meet & Greet at a convenient time for both the client and a designated team member.

2. Pre-Meeting Information:

  • Prior to the Meet & Greet, clients will receive an email outlining what to expect and any information or documents they should prepare, such as vaccination records, special instructions, or specific concerns.

3. Introduction Email:

  • The designated team member conducting the Meet & Greet will send an introduction email to the client, including a brief bio and a photo to help the client recognize the team member during the meeting.

4. Team Member Preparation:

  • The team member conducting the Meet & Greet will review the client's information, pet details, and any special considerations. They should be well-versed in the company's services and be prepared to address client questions.

5. Arrival at Client's Home:

  • The team members will arrive on time, wearing appropriate attire, K9 sweaters are encouraged , and present a professional and friendly demeanour.

6. Introduction and Discussion:

  • The team member will introduce themselves and initiate a friendly discussion with the client to understand their pet's needs, routines, preferences, and any specific instructions.


7. Pet Interaction:

  • The team member will interact with the pet in a gentle and friendly manner, observing their behaviour and responsiveness.

8. Walk Simulation:

  • If applicable, the team member may simulate a short walk or playtime with the pet to assess their behaviour on a leash or in a play setting.

9. Clarification of Services:

  • The team member will clarify the range of services offered by K9 Leash Crew, addressing any questions or concerns the client may have.

10. Emergency Information:

  • The team member will collect emergency contact information, veterinary details, and any specific health or safety considerations for the pet.

11. Key Handling and Access:

  • The team member will discuss key handling procedures, access to the client's home, and any security measures in place. 

12. Agreement and Documentation:

  • The team member will guide the client through the e-signing of agreements and ensure all necessary documentation is completed.

13. Follow-Up Communication:

  • After the Meet & Greet, the team member will follow up with the client to address any additional questions and confirm service details.


14. Feedback and Evaluation:

  • The team member will provide feedback to the office manager about the client's expectations, any specific considerations for the pet, and overall impressions from the Meet & Greet.

15. Continuous Improvement:

  • The office manager will review feedback, identify areas for improvement, and provide additional training or resources to team members if needed.

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