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 K9 Leash Crew

Meet K9 Leash Crew – a collective of friends on a mission to bring joy to your dog's day. We're more than just a team; we're a close-knit group dedicated to providing top-notch care. With personalized attention, training walks, and a commitment to safety and reliability, we're here to make a positive impact on your furry friend's life. Experience the warmth of our friendship and the passion we share for making every walk an adventure. Welcome to the K9 Leash Crew family, where your dog's happiness is our priority.

Our Services


Training Walks

Introducing our specialized Training Walks designed to address reactivity and leash pulling. Our experienced handlers are trained to work patiently and attentively with your dog. Through these purposeful walks, we aim to curb reactivity, improve leash manners, and enhance overall behavior. Each session is tailored to your dog's unique needs, providing a structured and supportive environment for growth. Join us on a journey towards well-behaved walks and a happier, more relaxed pup.


Freedom Walks

Experience the joy of Freedom Walks with K9 Leash Crew! Our Long Line Adventures are all about allowing your furry friend the freedom to explore, sniff, and stretch those legs. Led by our skilled handlers, these walks prioritize your dog's need for mental and physical stimulation. With longer lines providing a sense of freedom while ensuring safety, your pup will delight in a sniff-filled adventure. Give your dog the space to roam and relish the outdoors in a secure and controlled environment, promoting a happy and well-balanced canine companion


Check in/Let out

Introducing our Check-Ins & Let-Out Service – a personalized touch for your dog's comfort at home. When you can't be there, our caring team steps in. Whether it's a potty break, medication, or simply some quality time in the yard, we've got it covered. Our handlers prioritize staying home with your dog, engaging in games, or enjoying the outdoors. Trust us to ensure your pup is happy, safe, and well-cared for while you're away. Because every moment matters, even when you can't be there


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K9 Leash Crew

Phone number       (587)986-3189


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Servicing Edmonton, surrounding areas

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